AITWAY of blockchain, into a decentralized world.
壹位區塊鏈方案諮詢服務。 Blockchain

AITWAY mining crypto since 2013.

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Computer and network - IT services.

Visit us at
Level 3, unit 03-48 @ International Plaza,
10 Anson Road, Singapore.

Near to Tanjong Pagar MRT station

T: (65) 6221 1173
email : sales @

WhatsApp: 9383 9057

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Mailing address :
10 Anson Road #18-11
International Plaza
Singapore 079903
(mailing address for mailing only)

All IT services enquiry are welcome
we will do quick responses
areas near
Tanjong Pagar
Raffles Place
City Hall
Outram Park
Tiong Bahru
etc ...
CBD area.

AITWAY's decentralization movement

AITWAY had donated domain name's TCP 9090 port to Qora web3site: * and *

1. A clone of AITWAY website at Qora Blockchain

2. A clone of old website at Qora blockchain

3. A clone of old website at IPFS

4. company blog at Qora blockchain

Clone sites work as a backup for the website .... good backup.

more specific details

Practical way to understand how block chain work: just use it, Qora is a block chain.

This is one man blockchain services, manually do it yourself way to learn blockchain, by okchai. What is Blockchain? Make it simple, I offer you a way to direct use it, Qora Blockchain.

Qora github download link :

Qora download (Github)

Use latest version v0.26.11 is ok, but personally I prefer v0.26.0 by Agron. (click Next to get it)

Get help from forum if you have any technical problem :

Qora blockchain setup info

To who successfully download the Qora blockchain, send me your wallet address, I will send you 2 Qora token, then you return me back 1 Qora , if I receive a Qora from you, it mean your wallet working fine, finally, as a reward, I will send you 1000 Qora ( limit to first 10 new full node only), I encourage you to  use it,  to post decentralized web content on Qora blockchain.

Try on your own risk.

Public blockchain must decentralized : Ardor is a Proof of Stake consensus blockchain.

Ardor is a decentralized blockchain, Ignis is a child chain under  Ardor. TIM (asset ID : 18330576449896160871) is asset token at Ignis child chain, TIMAH (id: 9395610673776976891) is a currency at Ignis child chain. Timah at Qora, TIM asset at Ignis, Timah at Ignis, all these 3 tokens are issued by okchai, and will function as our company redeem points, you can get the redeem points token ioperate by Qora or Ignis blockchain, with Qora, you can control it yourself, or we put inside an address and manage for you. With Ignis, you need to put it on your own crypto wallet.

Ardor online web wallet link :

Ardor Web wallet host by Jelurida website

Web wallet is easy to use, but not recommend for user with big amount of tokens value. My suggestion, an account used to use web wallet must always only store about 5  Ignis, make it enough to cover the transaction fee.

Download the wallet software and install, then wait for blockchain to sync, create new account with you own wallet software, any only use your trusted wallet software, this make your account more secure than web wallet. 

Jelurida, the developers company for Ardor

To whom have buy any service and product from Aitway since year 2019, we will give you 10 Timah redeem points and 1 Ignis, send us you Ardor account  ID ( ID sample : ARDOR-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX) for us to send you the tokens. Then, we can help you verify your account, just send 1 TIMAH to us, once confirm received, we will send it back to you, this will make your Ardor account more secure by assign a public key on it.

Try on your own risk.

Create your own blockchain token, I had issued TIMAH token on Qora Blockchain. NO value for TIMAH if I do not offer any value added service to it

Here is a simple block explorer for TIMAH and Qora  :

TIMAH token Block explorer,

TIMAH token BUY and SELL are available on Qora Blockchain BUY-SELL pairing, if you have Qora token, you can exchange with TIMAH using the full node wallet software, a kind of decentralized exchange method, or DEX. Normally you do not have Qora, and not easy for a non-crypto man/woman to get some Qora, so, get it from me directly, follow my games to get it, buy something from my company, I will reward you with 1 TIMAH, you can use it to redeem my blockchain services.

2019-09-27 by okchai: My Blockchain Service no.1 for 10 TIMAH , post your texts to Qora, EOS, and IPFS.  

1.) upload a post to Qora Blockchain Blog, maximum 33 char.
2.) upload a post to EOS Blockchain, maximum 33 char.
3.) Host a dot html pure text file to IPFS, maximum 3kb/year.

Here you can have a look at Qora decentralized web blog :

Qora Blog host by IP

aitway dot net domain host at my computer, service may down if no internet connection or technical issue.
A decentralized blockchain will not depend on others, everyone can run a full node and download the data from it. In Qora case, from the wallet software, user can click a link to browse Qora Blog locally :

Qora Blog link for local full node, need a running and working Qora wallet software.

IP address will point to your local disk, TCP port 9090 is the standard Qora web server port. I had do some configuration in my Internet router to host a Qora explorer service for all people around the world.

All IT services enquiry are welcome, normally we will do quick response for area near Tanjong Pagar, Raffles Place, City Hall, Orchard, Chinatown, Outram Park, Tiong Bahru etc. CBD area.

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