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1. MS Windows Server solutions
    We do build and services for MS Windows Server. Up to date, the best selling version is MS Windows Server 2008, but the latest version, MS Windows Server 2012 also available. Basically, we provide support for all versions of MS Windows Server.
MS Windows Server Features :
# Domain Controller : a security system to manage all workstation's password and server access right
# Files Server : a storage system with disk mirroring( RAID-1) or RAID 5 technology, manageable folder access right, and backup system.
# Remote Desktop Service : A virtualization remote desktop server and terminals solution.
# FTP Server.
# VPN Server : remote dail-up PPTP, for MS Windows clients and some mobile phones model.

2. MS Exchange Server : An e-mail server and office communication solutions
    We do build and services for MS Exchange Server.

3. Network Storage Solutions : A small box work as a file server and FTP Server
    Network storage is an easy solution for store and back up all kind of files, we highly recommend it with at least RAID-1/ disk mirroring technology for every office and home, if you have enough budget, a high performance network storage with RAID-5 technology is a better choice. Nowaday, all network storage can access remotely, but the speed is depandence on server side or clients side.
Network storage we sell  :
# D-Link : tested by our engineers, a  value for money and reliable brand, 2 bays for mirroring, and 4 bays for RAID-5.
# Synology : a market leading brand for network attached storage, a couples of choices.
# Linksys / Cisco
# Belkin
# Basically, we can sell and support a kind of network storage, we make it work.

4. SME and Home Network Solutions
    It is all about experience in router, wireless access point and modem setup.

5. Network solutions : Firewall, VPN and Content Filter
    Just let us know what kind of network securities you want, we will build it for you.
Our solutions are base on :
# Zyxel / Zywall : support professional firewall, IPSec VPN, content filter, antivirus protection for traffic pass through..
# Linksys / Cisco : SME models
# D-link.
# Linux server base network solutions.

6. Network Camera Solutions
    We recommend D-Link CloudCam for quick and easy surveillance recording and remote monitoring.

7. Data Recovery
    Lose data? Bring your disk to us, we try to recover back data as much as we can.

We make IT work

We make these work : Network solutions, server ( Windows domain, file server, MS Exchange mail server, Linux, Virtual Private Network / VPN ), desktop & Laptop repair, data recovery, IP Camera, network storage, antivirus solutions, Firewall & VPN solutions
All services inquiry are welcome, normally we will do quick respond for aArea near Tanjong Pagar, Reffless Place, City Hall, Orchard, Chinatown, Outram Park, Tiong Bahru etc. CBD area.

Mailing address:
10 Anson Road #26-04
International Plaza
Singapore 079903

Visit us at 10 Anson Road #03-50 WhiteWinds Business Centre @ International Plaza.
T: (65) 62211173 email : sales @ aitway.com