I, okchai had spent 1M Qora to buy " i " , a QNS (Qora Naming Service) at Qora blockchain.
QNS is similar to ICANN domian name, but it is for Qora web3 world.
QNS is a kind of NFT, it is not just a token, it allows owner to create web3page at Qora blockchain.
The QNS " i " will serve at an index for A to Z, 0 to 9 and 中,for both QNS web3page and ICANN website.
Goto page /i/a (a QNS web3 link) to have a look of the index listing.
Think different for listing :
1M Timah or TIM for a website listing.
Free listing for all QNS web3 page.
email : ongkianchai @ gmail.com